Possibilities in surroundings 

 There are a permanent exposition of paintings, swimming pool and court in this place.

The new-built cycle viticultural track goes through the townlet and you can visit the near viticultural villages.

You can drive on the trip for example to the Buchlov castle, Velehrad cathedral, the palaces in Buchlovice or Milotice, Luhačovice or Piešťany spas, open-air museum in Strážnice, sight seeing tower in Tvarožná Lhota. 

The big lakes and natural open-air pool, can be very attractive for somebody. They are in Ostrožská Nová Ves (8 km far from here).

Who hasn´t enough cycling and driving, he can undertake sightseeing flight over the South of Moravia in near Kunovice or the cruise on the technical sight Baťa channel on the way from Skalica to Kunovice.

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